Be You (tiful)


So, I’m a couple cups of coffees in, partly because I have the mid-week monkey on my back and well, because the stuff just tastes great. I’ve got music in my ears, the satisfaction of just completing another chapter of a good book and best yet, I get to share in this blog. Wednesdays are awesome.

Well actually, it really could have been considered just another day but my perspective made the difference. For the most part, our outlook is what determines the character and shade of all life’s experiences (that and coffee). It shapes who we are, what we do, where we go and how we feel. For instance, I have gained great freedom in being satisfied with my self-image. What I figured is, if the Almighty God (who is perfect in wisdom, holiness and love) created me, then stepped back and said “Ah, perfect!” then who am I or who is anyone else to have a problem with me. Perspective: the power to enslave or set free.

“You’re free to be bright and beautiful.”

Most of us live muted, dimmed down, politically correct versions of our self in the social sphere. We seldom feel comfortable enough removing the proverbial bushel and allowing our light to shine for the world to see. And here’s the thing, its a uniquely beautiful light. The world is better for the glory of your light and life.

So, here’s the challenge:

  • Take risks.
  • You’re weird; accept it.
  • Wear that outfit.
  • Don’t be defined be other’s expectations.
  • Dance when they might be looking and sing even when they might hear.
  • Listen to your heart more than your fear (tempered by wisdom of course).
  • Consider more about what God is thinking about you than what others are.

You have permission to be awesome. You’re free to be bright and beautiful. It may be uncomfortable at first but give it a try: BE YOU.Image