The Deep Blue 2014


Deep Blue 2014 cover

So, here I am at the dawn of a new year. I look ahead, across this vast ocean of the unknown; the life yet lived. I could be scared. Who knows what lies in wait for me? What dangers seek to pull me under? What storms may batter me? What loss I could suffer? But I’m not scared; I’ve crossed oceans before. And sure I’ve been pull under, been battered by the storms of life and have suffered loss. But you know what, I am the better for it. The things I believed were trying to overwhelm me, the Lord was using to make me stronger. It may sound a little cliché, I know, but that’s only because its a timeless truth, I guess.

The Lord has led me into waters I believed I had no place being in. Places where I no longer enjoyed the security and peace of mind of having my feet touch the ground. Places where all that surrounded me was deep, dark blue; failures behind, uncertainty ahead and no one beside. It seems a plan of His lately to strip me of all but a reassurance of His presence. The Lord has taught me through the storms of life and through the seasons of completely sapped strength that when God is all I have, He is all I ever needed. The waves may rage or the sea may, in stillness, perfectly reflect beauty  of the sky. Strength and courage may thrust me to bouts of excellence and accomplishment or weariness and doubt may seem to steal the breath from my lungs. I’ve found, however, that whatever the circumstance of life, whether external or internal, there is one constant that remains. God loves me and with a love I can scarcely comprehend.

My mother often shares this maxim in the midst of the throws of life, “When you can’t see His hand, trust His heart.” Anxiety and fear are usually clear indicators that I’ve turned my eyes from trusting the Lord’s love for me and have rather filled them with the impossibility of the ocean of cares that is this life. While its instinctive for myself or anyone else to follow the path of least uncertainty (because we fear what we cannot see and do not understand) the Lord calls me to do the counter-natural. With a twinkle in His eye, a beautiful plan in mind and a heart overflowing with goodwill He calls me to wade out into the ‘treacherous’ deep, to follow his voice into seas uncharted.

So no, I’m not scared. Strangely, I welcome the unknown challenges of “The Deep Blue 2014.” I have a feeling that I’ll go where few dare, where few have been bold enough to venture.